Please Regret This

by Absolute Hero

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Please Regret This


released March 11, 2016

Trevor Boggs - Recording engineer and guest vocals on "This Hurt Locker"
Jordan Stanley - Artwork



all rights reserved


Absolute Hero Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Kind Of A Funny Story
I failed at failure,
if there's even such a thing.
Well I'm tired of feeling like
I have to be the same.

There's always something
driving me insane.
I have to fight my way out,
and get out of this place.

How miserable is it?
To give in to society?
To be like a mindless fool.
And never learn to breath!


If there's an amen for praising nothing,
then count me in again.
I'm always trying to find something,
in anything that has no end.

Where do I even begin?
If all I can do is pretend?

I always found my own way,
kind of on my own.
Even if I went backwards,
I always found my way back home.

I was and always will be
a basket case at best.
And though I know I'm not perfect,
I sure did my best.


Head banging to the sound of the city,
'till the music stops and your head feels dizzy.
Track Name: The World Who Cried Wolf
It's so obvious that common sense
does not exist now.
In a world that painted tragedy
with it's own hands now.

Tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'm right.
But either way there is no fight.
Nothing I'll win, but sure to lose.
Everything's fair to you.
(You only want the world your way.)


This isn't a kingdom, you're not the king.
This is a world where we're suppose to be free.
We crushed our morals, and made them ours.
We took the truth, we took it too far.

And now we're shattered, beyond repair,
we look for answers, but they're not there.
And if it's not written, then it's not right.
Like it or leave it you'll lose this fight.

How could you look your child in the eyes,
and call them a monster?
When the one who is not human
is the one whose words hurt?

I hope the streets aren't cold tonight,
I hope your conscious feels the plight.
I hope the wolves you threw them too,
I hope they come tear into you.
(Maybe then you'll know what they've been through.)


Here come the wolves.

A wolf in sheep's clothing, that's all that you are.
You're suppose to protect them, not tear them apart.
Your kingdom is falling with the error of your ways.
Don't know when you'll lose them, so ask them to stay.

Track Name: This Hurt Locker
Listen to the sound of my heart,
play a tune for you.
As it shatters to the floor,
you can find your glue.

A tale as old as time,
confined to feeling blue.
Like the fable in your eyes,
tearing me in two.

The heart goes on,
but not without a few scars.
The heart goes on,
even when you're long gone.


Don't let me down again,
where are you now? Where are you now?
Don't leave me alone again,
I need you now, I need you now.

Don't let me down again,
where are you now? Where are you now?
Don't leave me alone again.
I need you now, I need you.

How lonely does it feel,
at the bottom of your rage?
A denial so surreal,
you forget your pain.

So tell me tell me,
is your agony worth all of this?
So tell me please in time can we
just forget?

The heart goes on.
The heart keeps going on.
The heart goes on.
The heart keeps going on.


Female: I could never really know if you loved me.
Male: I could never be sure if I loved anyone.
Female: You walked away and it destroyed me.
Male: How was I suppose to know you see this different than I do?
Female: You stole my heart, you took it with you. And I won't be here when you come back around.
Male: It was never my intention to tear you apart.
Female: It was never a question if I cared about you.
Track Name: 1,000 Word Hymn
You were alive,
until your ghost was set aside.
And now it's killing you inside.
The same things that made you feel alright.

I hear it calling.
Call out a warning.

You chose to be like this,
don't make me feel like this.
I will not carry you on my shoulders.
It's you against the world.
So let your fist unfurl.
Cause you're only getting older.


It takes a mountain climb,
to reach the top.
And conquer all your fears.
But I will take all of mine,
and chase them away.
I've waited all these years.

I was so alive,
until you sucked the life right out of me.
And now it's thriving inside.
The same things that made me feel alive.

I hear your calling.
Don't say you're sorry.

And I won't take you down.
You'll do it to yourself.
And I will step around your wreckage.
Strong like gravity,
holding onto me.
But never keeping my feet planted.


You can come with me, run with me.
And leave it all behind.
You're too blind to see,
you just need to breath.
So you can feel alive.

Come with me, run with me.
And leave it all behind.